On the Beach Singing Ambulance Blues ...


  1. Hey mother,
    Is that a little lefthander peelin' off the reef in that shot.?......where is it

  2. Mother, it is becoming quite clear that Thrasher is set in his ways to ban me from the wheat.I am not the troll he is trying to perceive me to be..I do live in oz..and I am a passionate Neil fan. I am not a sockpuppet!
    if you only new the innocuous comments that thrash deletes of me you would totally understand my frustration
    check out my archival postings and find one that is offensive, vindictive, trollish, snarkish,or even "snarklish" (your word)
    Believe me, your response was not to me on your last posting as I am registered as 'doc' not 'Doc'. but Thrash consistently has this paranoia that I come to the wheat to be an arsehole. far from it, this is my personality and we obviously have personality clash. I am a caring compassionate person..not some venomous arsehole snark that Thrash is attempting to character assinate me to.
    You, of all people I felt would understand

    luv doc